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Even the most expensive electrical system will be vulnerable to damage from harsh environmental elements. Dust and dirt, hard water, high humidity, excessive heat and cold, and insects are just a few of the many external elements that can wreak havoc on your delicate electrical system. Fortunately, most breakers can be reset without the need for costly system repairs. However, if the damage caused by these elements is critical, you will need to call an electric service expert. Don’t try fixing your faulty electrical system on your own. Instead, hire an electrician like us.

We Repair Generator Damage!

Our generator repair service focuses on quick and accurate repairs of generator damage. It is a service tailored specifically to your needs. We will inspect the entire generator system, especially the electrical components. Moreover, we will check the frequency and phase of the electrical power to ensure that it’s even and stable. We’ll also check if the breakers are tripping or if the generator consumes too much power. If the electrical components are damaged beyond repair, we’ll suggest replacements. We’ll provide the necessary repair service if the damage can be fixed.

We Repair Generator Systems!

Our generator repair service is about the complete disassembling and reassembling of the generator system. We’ll do a complete and detailed inspection of the generator and all of its parts. We’ll check for panel damage, loose bolts, broken cables, and misaligned parts. If there’s no other way around it, we’ll suggest a complete replacement of the faulty component. We’ll then make sure that the generator is fixed and tested to see if it’s still working properly. If you’d like to be able to turn on your generator right after the service, please let us know ahead of time so we can prepare.

D & J Electric Company is an electric service provider who can fix your damaged generator. Do you need help fixing the generator installed in your house in Waterford Twp, MI? Call us at (248) 260-5805 today so we can fix it immediately!

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